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First bike! 04 GS500f

Started by Iannforsure, November 03, 2013, 09:40:09 AM

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Just purchased it yesterday, thinking about maybe streetfighter project? someone with experience in this have any tips? also having an idling issue.


Yes, sell it. And buy a street fighter.


Post some pictures and maybe everyone won't be biased towards your street fighter decision based on how it looks. Because right now it sounds like you have a nice f version with fairings and you want to do a chop up job.
I am into buying bikes that people have given up on and fixing them up!

RIP Patrick Lajko, I miss you man.


The search box and wiki should give you some ideas about the idling problem. Dig into the bike some and post again when you've got some specifics about the condition of your bike. I'd ask the PO when the last valve adjustment was.

Get it purring, then move on from there.

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