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07 gs500 long road ahead

Started by Nocluejoe, March 17, 2014, 04:17:36 PM

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Yes, exactly! What color in the speedo goes with which color in the bike?


Sorry just re read your message I havent had my coffe yet this morning here is the instructions I got

The wiring diagram and instruction are as follow:
Switch mph / kmh: First, connect the red wire to the positive electrode, and then connect the green wire to the ground ( or Negative electrode), hold both 2 keys ( on the left of this speedometer ), hold them and then connect the black wire to the positive electrode ( make sure you still hold both the 2 keys at this moment. ) And wait a few seconds, it will change to mph.
24-hour clock set: under the odo model, click right key last about three seconds, you will see the time is flashing. Then you can set time. click right key to plus 1, click left key to swift hour to minute. At last, click right key for last 3 seconds. Finish setting time.

Mileage set: Left-switching Odo (Odo is to total mileage abbreviation) and the TRIP A (single mileage abbreviation).
When it connect to the power the default mode is ODO mode.
Press and hold button for 3 seconds under TRIP mode, TRIP data is cleared (total mileage can not be cleared, single mileage can be cleared)

Oil and water temperature set: under the TRIP mode, click right switching the oil and water temperature. The current default in oil temperature.

Setting tire circumference value and the speed parameter:
1. Press both the two key last for about 3 seconds to enter tire perimeter and speed parameters setting.
2. The LCD screen show the digital 1, means for cylinder.
3. If your motorcycle is cylinder, then press the left key to set the circumference. You will see C-2055 flashing (2055 means the tire circumference is 2055mm). Press right key to change the digital. Press the left key to change another digital.
4. If your motorcycle is 2 cylinder, then skip step 3. Press and hold the left key, the digital become 2, means for 2 cylinder. If your motorcycle is 4 cylinder, click right key, the digital become 4. And then go on with the step 3.
5. Press and hold the left key to exit setting.
The circumference value can be set from 1000-2055mm.

Orange wire--- Left turning light
light blue wire--- Right turning light
Blue wire ---- low and high beam light
Green/White wire --- Water temperature
Yellow / White--- Fuel indicator wire
Black/Red --- Tachometer wire ( connect to Engine pulse red wire )
Red wire --- Power wire anode
Green wire --- Negative electrode
Black wire --- ignition lock black switch wire ( if the Positive line ignition lock control off, can be directly connected to the positive line of the oil gauge)
Green / Yellow --- Handbrake parking indicator

Brown/Red --- Oil line
Green/Red --- Neutral gear line


Thank you, this is exactly what I needed!


No problem if yours is exactly like me hook the black wire from the speedo to the orange wire on the bike and the red wire from.speedo to red wire in ignition pack


Quote from: Nocluejoe on April 20, 2014, 08:30:00 AM
No problem if yours is exactly like me hook the black wire from the speedo to the orange wire on the bike and the red wire from.speedo to red wire in ignition pack

What do you mean by "ignition pack"? I have all the wiring resolved, except for the ignition signal.


Where you plug your key into strip pack the pack and expose the red wire and splice it in there.

What year is your bike?


It's a 1994 model. Yes, I have all the cables connected already, but the RPMs aren't showing well. I have the signal wire wrapped around one of the spark plug wires, it detects the signal but it only shows half the RPMs. For example, when I rev the engine to 4000rpm it shows exactly 2000rpm.

Did you configure it to show the correct RPM values? Or should I connect the signal wire to another wire?

Thanks a lot!


Wrap it around both spark plug wires... 2000 each is 4000!! .. Easy!  :icon_mrgreen:


I've tried it, and it seems to work well up to about 4000rpm. Above that the needle gets jerky and drops back to 4000, even if the engine keeps revving. I don't know how to set it up just right  :dunno_black:


I've solver the problem by connecting the RPM sensor to another source, works nice and it's not jumpy at all!  :woohoo:

If someone else has trouble with the install, just ask away or send me a PM. Getting the wiring sorted out is kinda tricky.

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