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1965 Honda Super Cub 49 cc

Started by Old Mechanic, July 06, 2014, 07:26:00 PM

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Old Mechanic

Saw this on CL for sale, looked very nice in the photos. Owner was asking $350, offered $250 and he accepted, brought it to my house the next day (50 miles). Had not run in 20 years, no key or title. Seller told me he was at the dump and the prior owners (or their decscendants) were taking it to the dump and he bought it there.

Paid $250, 6888 miles.

Gas tank clean as new, even the tires were decent. Spent a couple hours cleaning it up and decided to try to get it running. Fuel lines were OK, got the carb apart, just a small residue in the bottom of the float chamber, cleaned it up blew some air throught the orfices. The battery looked new but it did not have a drop of acid in it. I took my grinder and ground the key slot out of the ign switch. It was so corroded it would never have worked anyway. After cutting the slot I could move the switch with a screwdriver.

I pushed it backwards up my driveway, put it in first gear and let gravity do the job. It started and idled on the second try. Later I rode it around the neighborhood, huge flat spot in mid range power but it idled perfectly, need to clean the jets better.
No battery yet, have not spent a dime more than the purchase price.

Took it to a local car and bike show Saturday. When I was leaving a gent asked me if I wanted to sell it. Not right now but thanks for the offer.

I was around for the "You meet the nicest people on a Honda" ads in 1963. This bike is identical to the one(red and white) in those ads. Some minor pits in the chrome on the wheels but everything else cleaned up amazing for a 50 year old throw away scooter. The beginning of the worldwide Honda dynasty.



Wow!  That is a little piece of history - for sure. :D

I was born in 67' so I don't have any experience with those obviously - but I do remember that style "running around my area" throughout the 70's.  Nice memories there... ;)

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