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'97 GS500e weekend project

Started by mortydk, March 17, 2015, 02:57:35 AM

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Hi guys,

I had absolutely no plans this weekend, so i decided to tear my bike apart, so check the engine and see how the frame was doing. I bought the bike last summer, so i didn't know for sure how it was underneath.
This also implied sanding the frame, gas tank and panels and painting it matte black - The idea was to paint it black and have a few gold details, but untill i paint the engine block as well, it would look silly with gold colour as well imo.

I checked the carbs which looked fine, but cleaned them now that i had them apart. Also checked the valve clearances and it turned out that both exhaust valve clearances were too small (below 0.03). So threw a couple of smaller shims in there, so they're now between 0.03 and 0.08 (if i remember correctly).
A new air and oil filter were also installed.

I bought a new handlebar (dual sport style), to raise my riding style a bit - and i really like it! Furthermore, i didn't expect it to look awesome as well ;) So cool!
However i really need to find some other mirrors and turn signals for it. That's my next project

Here are some photos :) The two sidepanels could use a few more coats of paint

The fink

Dang sir, you did all that in a weekend, way to be  :thumb:
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Yeah with great help from my brother :) He's the kind of guy, that can do just about anything.
We ran into some problems when taking off the exhaust. The bolts holding it to the engine block, was totally rusty and ended up breaking halfway when trying to loosen them. So we had to drill them out :S Not something you want to do and screw up on the engine block..
But luckily it all went fine!

Thank you guys :)


you sir, are a madman.

it took me 2 days just to paint the front rim on my bike...

I got my mud guard fitted today, and it took me an hour just to figure out how I wanted to mount it..

also I would not willingly take out the engine, getting it back in is such a PITA

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Thank you J_Walker :)

Yeah well, in your defense, i had done a lot of reflections on how i wanted it, so i "just" had to get it done.
The engine is a PITA to get back in :tongue2: I would never be able to do it alone hehe.

Your mudguard is coming out pretty good i think. Will look killer when you get a rear light on i bet!

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