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09 GS500F-FrankenBuild! Back to life!

Started by JaredNavy, November 04, 2015, 08:36:37 AM

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Back Story-
Hey guys and gals, this will be my first post on here, so let me know what you think. Any input is always appreciated, good or bad. Anyways, so here's the story.
Bought this bike brand new in 2009 straight outta bootcamp, 3 weeks later, some @hole backed over it, (and rested his work van upon it), and insurance claimed it as a total loss. They wanted to give me about 1k less than what I payed 3 weeks ago, and myself and the dealership DID NOT agree with that. So the manager at the shop (who used to work for that insurance company), wanted to help me out, whilst sticking it to his old company, and making some money of course. So he wrote up repair order, for the cost of the bike as it was new, and 2 weeks later, voila, I had my bike back. With a brand new carbon fiber yoshimura exhaust, rejetted carbs, K&N air filter, and all damages repaired from incident. He made a couple hundred bucks, and I got a brand new upgraded bike.  :thumb:
I rode the bike for the next few years, whilst in Illinois, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Wisconsin, California, and finally where the current endeavor begins, Virginia.
When I transported it from OK to VA, I pulled it out of the Uhual, went to start it, and nothing. Lights came on, battery was good, but no signal getting to the starter. hmm. I push started it to be sure, and voila, bike started up. Ran like a champ. Shut it off, tried starting again, nothing. AS SOON as I start looking into it, boom, Deployment. Bike sits for 9 months. Come back, home for a few weeks, detachment for a month, repeat for three years, and now I'm here. On shore duty FINALLY, with a severely neglected bike just waiting for some love in my garage. Poor girl.
So I figured I'd write this up, try and detail as much as I can about this Frankenbuild, while I bring this girl back to life! I'll start a new message for the actual build, just wanted to fill Y'all in with some back story first.


1) Thank you very much for your service from a fellow Veteran.

2) I'm glad you found a shop that backed you up when the insurance company tried to screw you over.  :thumb:

3) I look forward to your work! Don't forget pics! :cool:
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Quote from: Daeouse on November 04, 2015, 10:36:02 AM
1) Thank you very much for your service from a fellow Veteran.

What he said.     Where are you located??   I'm working on a GS500 restoration project myself, but it's been pretty abused.   
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Many many thanks for your service Eh? :) now to the bike. are the fuses okay? also check the clutch switch ;).
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Be sure to clean your carbs out and it will run like the day you bought it. Well close to that. :technical:
No matter what i do to it, it's still a GS
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Try the infamous hot water and Yamaha carb cleaner method to clean the carbs.
You're not gone far enough to need a split and clean.
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