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mr72's '92 project - "Renegade"

Started by mr72, October 04, 2016, 08:04:27 AM

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I would prefer to go with a 110 on the front if at all possible. 120 max. A 130 is just too big for a 3" rim.

But yeah, I will check out the Kenda. I like Kenda tires on mountain bikes, even thinking about them for my Jeep next time around.

SK Racing

I agree, 110 on the front would be a lot better option for you. But to be a street tracker, the front tire on my bike had to be the same size as the rear. I'm happy with my build, even if cornering has been affected negatively. It now steers like a HD. :hithead:  :icon_lol:
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Turns out the wheels I got for free are Katana wheels. Rear is a 4.5", front is 3" like the GS stock wheel.

I'm def. going to swap my tires over to the replacement wheels and then probably put more dirt focused tires on the others eventually. A 4.0" front knobby and a 4.60" rear knobby would work great, I think. Just need an extra rear rotor to make the swappable wheels work.

The Buddha

Kat 4.5's are a direct drop in for the GS IIRC. Ken (Werase643) did a swap for Diaz (Average) a few eons ago. Just a sprocket spacer and maybe some mod on the brake side ?? May have to use the kat's hanging caliper, which means you need a ear on the under side of the swingarm ? Not sure there.
I have done many many Bandit 400 swaps. They're 4" and let you run the largest tire you can run anyway. My current bike has a hanging caliper, I have a ear welded on the underside of the swingarm, but yet to fabricate the stay rod and put a brake line on and of course the m/c etc etc. Essentially I have no rear brake on it.
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I have yet to put a micrometer on it and see how it lines up. Hard to find time for projects right now if they are not absolutely necessary. Even just for the spare rotor, it was worth the hour round trip drive to pick up these free wheels!

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