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'09 GS500 Scrambler Build in LA

Started by Carltheproducer, June 25, 2018, 06:06:31 PM

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Quote from: cbrfxr67 on March 07, 2019, 10:03:36 AM
Sweet that you got it in there!  You're in LA right, so you have to keep all that emission extras right?  :dunno_white:

ha! Its gonna be pretty hard to keep it like this. But yes, legally, I would need to get this CA emissions box back on but mechanically moto runs fine.


I need to clean up/re-route multiple wires once I am ready for the final touches but what's a good product/technique to cut then re-connect wires? I found this Solder Seal wire connects on Amazon.

I longed to see my bottom row panel lights (red[engine], green[neutral], blue[high beam] & green[blinkers]) & I wanted to change color on odometer/speedometer lights so I replaced the oem bulbs with these LED light bulbs. AMAZING. I can see my lights again except blinker one. As you can see I modified the front and rear lights extensively so what connection am I missing from new assemblies to whatever switch activates my blinker light? WLJH 6X T5 LED Wedge Bulbs Canbus Error Free 74 73 17 Extremely Bright White 3030 & Alla Lighting Newest T10 194 LED Bulb 1616-SMD Super Bright LED 194 168 2825 W5W 175 Bulb High Power T10 Wedge LED 194 Bulb. About $25 together on Amazon. Wicked easy install as it cleanly swaps in.

I need to find the perfect red front fork tube/gaiters/rubber sleeves. Every time I hit a pothole, fork pushes up tube/gaiter/boot and it gets stuck there. (getting tired of forcing them back down). These Daystar F00069-RE-03 Red 13" Long Travel Fork Boot,, were wayyy to big. I am suppose to be looking for 38-32mm diameter and 608mm length right?

I have not found what/how to put nice looking side covers on, I found this cool YouTube video, but i do not know if I want metal or something like this, but where would I find an affordable option?


When I did all my wiring clean up work I used something very similar to what you posted in that first link... but they were the kind you had to crimp. I also used this stuff called "Self Bonding Super Tape" with some larger heat shrink tubing to keep groups of wires together. There's pics in my thread if you're curious.

THANK YOU for finding solder heat shrink connectors! I honestly didn't know they made that kind. I am getting ready to change the LED strips on my bike and I'll most likely be buying some of those.

I can't be of much help with your other questions unfortunately but I admire all the work you've done to your bike. Glad to see you're also in the FB group!
Superbike bars, '04 GSXR headlight & cowl, DRZ signals, 1/2" fork brace, 'Busa fender, stainless exhaust & brake lines, belly pan, LED dash & brake bulbs, 140/80 rear hoop, F tail lens, SV650 shock, Bandit400 hugger, aluminum heel guards & pegs, fork preload adjusters, .75 SonicSprings, heated grips


Updates and more questions. I noticed my clutch cable was going, 10 years and 30k miles, she was the original. Therefore I replaced the throttle cable and actually lubed them for the first time. Apparently, Teflon Bicycle Chain Lube is the best, local Suzuki moto dealership shop trick.

Since you have to take the tank off, i finally re-jetted my baby and here's my experience. I read some many forum posts about re-jetting and still confused so I started this thread, for clarification. It kinda helped but what would of saved me a lot of time was to take a seat off and look for myself. Here's what I recommend for a '09 Suzuki GS500F carbs.

I emailed Jetsrus' Mike to get the GSTwin recommendation sets and it takes forever to get a message back. Must be a 1 man shop there so I went down to Sudco, in South Central Los Angeles, and they have like every jet size/set. Eric helped me on a memorial day weekend and stayed later for me to pick up. He’s the owner supposedly, i thought that was wicked cool. I am a noob and honestly to clean them, clean the carbs, replace the seals, and put them in takes at least 1 hour and putting on the K&N RU-2970 airbox was like an additionally 30 mins. I have a lot more loose rubber tubes now to clean up but wow, I gained so much space under seat now.

The bike fired right up, but sounded shitty & cut out eventually after a rough start sitting out overnights, so you should definitely replace the spark plugs & tweak fuel mixture screws, easy to access once you find them, i am currently at one full turn. I definitely feel some additional power and boy is she louder but maybe I still need to tweak carbs. Hear how she sounds now, she pops hard when you let off the throttle, Should I check to see if carbs are balanced (synced)? I made this just in case after seeing this video, kinda want to try it out

What do you think about these side panels? Idk, maybe they just need to be painted black & buy a thicker rubber width trim or I need to source another option like heat resistant fabric/leather or Diamond Tread Aluminum Sheet in Silver?

I just don't know how to clean this rubber trimming up, heat gun?


Sorry, I think that your Home Depot Metal+Auto Zone trim siding ruins the look of the bike; it takes your project from looking like a cool modern scrambler to "Waterworld/Mad Max/Blade Runner" prop bike and it totally overpowers the clean lines you have worked so hard to create.

A classic scrambler ovular number plate would be the way to go IMHO.

Like this:

You can probably buy generic plastic number plates on eBay.


I think I saw you post on fb too but I really don't like the panels unless maybe they were black.  I don't even like number plates but better than those panels.  no offense!
"Its something you take apart in 2-3 days and takes 10 years to go back together."

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