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New rider in Melbourne

Started by fraz91, January 15, 2021, 04:43:57 AM

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Hey everyone,

I'm Lachlan, otherwise Lachy, Fraz or "hey, you!" I'm a light vehicle mechanic in Melbourne, Vic. Moved down from Sydney a couple years ago and haven't looked back.

Just picked up a 2008 GS and am keen to get riding! Got the roadworthy sorted, just waiting to get my licence (end of Jan) and then the VicRoads appointment so I can get it registered. The main reason for picking the GS as a first bike was that I didn't want to get bored with a lack of power and didn't want to spend an obscene amount of money on a new bike for my first bike. Also prefer something I can tinker with, and it's hard to beat carbies for that tinker-ability.

Will upload a pic of the bike once I work out how. :hithead: Look forward to getting out there and riding!


Welcome from USA!

To post photos, it's best to use a third part hosting service.  Free image: Is the site I use the most, but there are many others. Upload the photos and then copy and paste the bulletin board code [img] into your post.  I use the medium size option.
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Good deal Lachy, welcome from sunny/cloudy/rainy Brissie! Perfect blue skies yesterday morning, storms/rain yesterday arvo, cloudy today. You know how it is :D

You definitely made a good choice for a first bike, especially given your a mechanic and know stuff! If I can rebuild and maintain my GS450 and Katana, you should be able to do it blindfolded with both arms tied behind your back  :icon_razz:
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Beam me up Scottie....


Saving this spot for a pic of the bike once I work out the img hosting

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