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Choke lever

Started by jamalayty, June 30, 2022, 07:53:44 PM

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So I change the handlebars on my gs500 and I assembled everything back together however I was confused with how the choke lever on the handlebars reassembled. I thought I had it right with the spring loaded and little plastic bit in place, but when trying to start the bike up nothing happens, so I then removed and took off just the left side button in panel and started her up again with the choke cable not connected to anything and she started up fine. I even pulled on the cable manually and the revs went up so the cable is fine but the bike doesn't want to start up when cable is connected back to the thumb lever. Maybe I installed it back incorrectly but I tried other ways and still nothing. I'm convinced it's the way I'm assembling it back together as it works fine when not assembled.
Thanks in advance.

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