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Standard handlebars

Started by John o keeffe, September 16, 2022, 02:24:50 PM

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John o keeffe

Hi all, 
        Just fitted a top T and standard handlebars to my 500e which were taken off an other gs, problem is the bars catch on the fork adjusters, even when set to the lowest setting  . Standard setting is on the 4th line  mine is on the 1st  line from the  top. Anyone got around this problem before ?


When I ran into that problem a few years ago, I made sure the fork adjusters were properly set and then carefully and evenly lowered the fork tubes. The top clamp of course still has full bite of the tubes. This will obviously raise the front of the bike... which was OK with me since the rear of my bike is raised as well... but if you don't want to go that route, I would suggest handlebar risers.

Pics and info of what I did:

Handlebar riser info:
Superbike bars, '04 GSXR headlight & cowl, DRZ signals, 1/2" fork brace, 'Busa fender, stainless exhaust & brake lines, belly pan, LED dash & brake bulbs, 140/80 rear hoop, F tail lens, SV650 shock, Bandit400 hugger, aluminum heel guards & pegs, fork preload adjusters, .75 SonicSprings, heated grips

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