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New rider from Prague

Started by Sparker, February 18, 2023, 03:33:11 PM

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Hi! I've been asking questions at the forum but I didn't introduce myself yet. :icon_rolleyes:

The thread name is not fully correct, since I am neither entirely new nor I am entirely from Prague.

I am 27 y.o, most of my life I lived in Moscow. It wasn't easy to even decide to buy a motorcycle because of strong society bias against the two wheeled machines, but here I am  :D

1.5 years ago I moved to Prague after getting a new job. Finally I could afford getting a bike, and some time later I applied to the driving school and got my license in October 2022. Buying the motorcycle here wasn't easy, since most people don't speak English. Fortunately a biker friend at my new job helped me with the purchase and with lots of good advice.

So, I've been riding the GS500 since October of previous year. Climate here is good enough to ride during winter, with proper gear of course. It's been a lot of fun so far, despite a small accident which has cost me my rear brake disk and a small fuel tank dent. Living in a totally unknown place is also great because I don't need to ride far to discover new nice places.

I heard you like photos. Unfortunately I don't have any really exciting places to show, but I will get there eventually  :D

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