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Air box

Started by John o keeffe, April 15, 2023, 08:56:06 AM

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John o keeffe

Hi all,
  Having great difficulty putting the standard air box back on.
The rubbers from the box to the  carbs feels fairly  soft, but the jubilee clips that hold the rubbers to the  carbs keeps slipping off .Is there a method/procedure to get it back together.?


I was able to install my airbox this morning with not too much difficulty, but it took a little futzing.
With the filter out you can reach inside the box and push the rubber boots over the carbs.

I installed the carbs first but maybe you could try installing the air box to the carbs first and then install the carb / airbox assembly?
1992 GS500N


Removing petcock helps


I think the core problem is that the front surface where the rubbers are is not flat, so the rubber parts don't fo straight on to the carbs. I used a heat gun to reshape mine and it made a huge difference in ease of installation.


Mine is also bent. Concave against the carbs. So strange.
What did you use aside from the heatgun to straighten it?

What order to install is best?  carbs, rubber boots and airbox

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