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Rebirth of the Yamazuki GS 500,5

Started by Ghetto Garage, May 20, 2023, 10:26:42 AM

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Ghetto Garage

Right. Well this is kind of strange. (a little back story) So here I am, back on this board almost 20 years later. To build the same bike I was building building back then. WTF. Ive owned 6+ really nice bikes since then.  Well, I cant get it out of my system. Its the only bike project that I never really finished. I got to about 70% and I had a back injury compress 7 disks in my back. I had to bail on the project because I was living on Fentanyl, Methadone and reduced to using a walker to get around in my late 30s. This after my first heart attack at 33 and a follow up one in Seattle where I ended up having a 5-way bypass. Now Im fighting loosing a toe due to diabities and I just got diagnosed with emphysema. Wow, its like my health took the hell off! The heart is my fathers side and the Diabeties is from my mothers side. It is what it is. I have desided, (before I kiss the donkey) to get this bike sorted out so I can get it out of my head. Besides, its and inexpensive project to tackle. So here we go...

  Last time I had an 89E, this time an 05F. Ive already stripped the bike down for the most part. Ive already spent a few days rebuilding the loom and adding things like working turn signals, working horn. currently Im working on wiring the (now, two) headlights. The starter relay is toast. I bypassed to see if that was the issue. it is one of them. So that is on my list of things to buy next month. Doing anything serious is going to be a moment with this bike. I have an 02 VW golf which needs a new power steering pump and an 2k ZX7R that needs about everything replaced on.  :icon_sad:  I just did a clutch change. carbs need to be rejetted. needs new front rotors and both tires. So yeah, a few other things take center stage at the moment. I probably just wrote a small book.  Please excuse my ramble. I have been up for 3 days now. Most likely this post makes little to no sense and is grossly mis-spelled, so please forgive.  :D 
I will try to add some photos soon.


Ghetto Garage

I have no idea how to make those images work here.

Well if you feel like seeing the images, there are the links. I could really use a little help with this rats nest in the last two photos. The last time I had a GS, it didnt have all this garbage on it. What of this do I need and where should go. (god I hate loaded questions)
I have the manual for how to reconnect it stock. I just want to remove what I can and still have it run. Help greatly needed!!



You can remove all the thin hoses and associated devices of the carburetor , you only need one line to the vacuum operated petcock(at ON).
These are the same lines you use to synchronize the carbs, only one side.

Cap the top plastic ports, cap one throttle body port, the other to the petcock and that's it.

TPS connected or not, your choice , there is a lot of discussion about that.

Ghetto Garage

Thanks for the links. Super helpful for understanding the pre air system. Going to see it I can get it started if I can find a dry day to take it out of the shed.
Thanks again!


It doesn't look too bad!  Can't wait to read more and see how you sort it out!
"Its something you take apart in 2-3 days and takes 10 years to go back together."


I had the same K&N air filter, the bike used to backfire now and then, in 2018 I had to strip the carbs due to corrosion on the tank had clogged them, and found the air filter plastic hardenend, so that led me to check the whole bike, checked valve clearance, changed tires, a new front rotor and brake pads, changed fork seals, but one of them was defective and had to change it again, changed the handlebars, new levers (bought fron China with hidraulic clutch), blinkers, and reinstalled original headlight after 15 years with and aftermarket TCP fairing. Changed sprockets and chain, suspension linkage bearings. Still there is tank work on the way, painting, some cable extension, the clutch cylinder new battery and so on...  Last time I stated up the bike, like 2 years ago, it ran strong for 10 seconds, perhaps the gas filter isn't working... This all was recalled for your K&N airfilter, I got already a new one to replace the old one. 
Y2K golden GS, K&N lunchbox, 140/40/0/3, Progressive springs, Michelin Pilot Street Radials 110 & 140, R6 shock, braided front brake line, 15T sprocket, LED H4 bulb...


Tough luck with your health mate.
I'm pretty scared to use those external image links though... potentially digitally dangerous!
(It's pretty easy to add an image to your post).
What's the Yamaha content of your bike? The photo link I was silly enough to look at just showed a naked rotten ol' GS500.
Beam me up Scottie....


Links are perfect.
Protón drive. Cloud storage.


Cloud ripoff. Inconvenient for the reader, why not make it easy for us members and just put the image(s) IN your post.
It's not "all about you" you know.
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Quote from: Joolstacho on September 26, 2023, 04:21:08 PMCloud ripoff. Inconvenient for the reader, why not make it easy for us members and just put the image(s) IN your post.
It's not "all about you" you know.

It's also very inconvenient to put images directly in posts on this forum.

I often have issues putting images in my posts.

Tbh, I'd post more here if the image support was more robust.
2006 GS500 Naked Touring Bike


QuoteI have no idea how to make those images work here.

Hello Mike,

I see you had a problem attaching pictures, so did I and after reading a few posts here I have just sorted it out. Below is a quick guide that should help you. I was going PM you but I don't seem to be able to, I keep getting a captcha error so here it is for you and everyone.

I hope it helps you. Graham

Open a free account with and add the pictures there, then click on your username and select images

Then you will see all your pictures

Click on the picture you want to add to your post

Now copy the text you see under "BBCode (message boards & forums)" and past this into your message.

If your pictures are quite big people seem to recommend that you edit this slightly so that it views better. They suggest that you take the original link like this

and add a setting in the first part to limit the width of the picture so it displays better, the example below will display the picture at a width of 400px but if you click on the picture it will display fullsize, you should be able to click on the below picture of my GS500 and see it get bigger.

[img width=400][/img]


Yup that's good Graham. Roofaloof - you just need to learn how to do it - like most things in life.
It's not hard! It's not a case of 'it' needing to be "more robust"... your effort needs to be more robust!
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