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1999 GS500E Bumble Bee

Started by 92GS500Lv, July 25, 2023, 08:11:37 AM

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I was out looking for parts for my 1993 and ended up buying a 1999 in good shape.  Not super cheap but a running MC with all of its parts for $1000 was not bad.   I have two twenty year old kids that ride so nice to have and extra for a summer ride of Amish Lancaster with them both at the same time.

it has aftermarket crap head light, rear break light and blinkers but I might swap all the originals from my 1993.  And put the 1993 for sale in fall.You cannot view this attachment.
Two feet, two wheels seem like a evolutionary natural selection


Looks like nice SS exhaust headers. Although I'm not a fan of the shorty can. Good deal for a running bike with decent cosmetics.


"Its something you take apart in 2-3 days and takes 10 years to go back together."

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