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Simplifying the 2004+ carbs with ‘01/‘02 carb caps

Started by Bluesmudge, August 30, 2023, 10:58:54 PM

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In an effort to further simplify my 2006 GS500 to make maintenance and troubleshooting easier, I wanted to get rid of the '04+ carb tops that interface with the PAIR/emission control/TPMS system. I had broken one of those white plastic pieces on the top of the carb during my engine rebuild, and which Suzuki doesn't sell those parts separately. Someone made a 3D printable version, but I thought there must be a better way. I don't know exactly what those pieces do, but since they weren't required on the older carbs, it's unlikely Suzuki designed such a complicated system unless it was necessary to meet emissions requirements. That is to say, none of it is necessary to have a well running bike, which is what I am after while chasing carb gremlins.

Some digging into the parts fiche shows that the non-us models continued to use the same carb tops as the '01/'02 US bikes.  Also, the carb diaphragm part number didn't change from the '02 model year to the '04+ carbs. Also the drawings just looked similar. Based on this, and knowing that Suzuki reuses as many designs as they can, I took a gamble and ordered the parts with the expectation that they wouldn't fit. Otherwise, everyone with '04+ bikes on GSTwins would have figured this out 20 years ago, right? The PAIR block off/unplugging the TPMS/vacuum tube removal/block off/unplugging the extra neutral sensor wires is all pretty well documented and talked sno8t

Turns out they fit perfectly! So you can remove the heavy/complicated/easy to break/likely to introduce vacuum leak set of tops/hoses/little filter and replace it all with two composite carb caps.

You can still buy the carb tops new from Suzuki. The part number is 13502-07f00. The tops were also used on the Gen1 carbureted SV650, so try searching for that if you want to buy them used on eBay. I found a used set for around $45 shipped, which is less than I would have paid to have on of the broken plastic pieces 3D printed with the recommended metal filament.

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