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GS500 help needed in Sydney
« on: January 09, 2021, 04:27:10 PM »
G'day Legends!!!

New to the forum here. Please let me know if this is in the wrong spot.

I was just given a 2007 GS500 from a friend and I am in the process of giving it a bit of a "home service" to get it running properly.

It starts with the choke on but when I pull it off it starts revving very very high and when I try and stabilise it using the choke it eventually just dies. When I try to start it afterwards it doesn't work.

I have changed the oil/filter, air filter, new spark plugs, air filter, and battery.

I have checked the valve clearances and noticed that the LH intake is slightly out of spec - so will be ordering a replacement shim after checking the current size in there. I don't think that it's related, but want to get the little bits sorted. It's a lot of fun tinkering with it all!!!

My next thought is that the pilot jets in the carbs could be a bit plugged or something like that. Checked the float bowls using this method and they appear fine:

SOOOO I am planning on picking up these bits to refurbish the carbs: -------- will be changing pilot to a 20.

Might replace inspect and possibly replacing the intake manifold o-rings as well...

I know that after adjusting the valve clearance I will need to sync the carbs. I was wondering would someone in Sydney be willing to help me out doing this (or lend me their carb-sync tool thingo)? Could appreciate a bit of a look over by someone knowledgable as well  :D

Cheers in advance :)



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