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SK Racing:
Been a lurker for a few years and decided to document the progress of my current project.

In February 2017 I acquired a 2004 GS500F in a barter transaction. The bike had been standing outside in the sun and rain for three years prior to landing in my garage. It wouldn’t start and upon closer inspection, I found water in the fuel tank and float bowls. That was soon remedied and it started easily with the new battery that the previous owner had bought just a month before. The bike had done 23,400km since new, so fairly low mileage, but it had been dropped and I got it with scratched fairing and right hand engine cover.

The idea is to change this:

...into this:

(Enlarge images by clicking on them)

SK Racing:
Mechanically, the bike was in surprisingly good condition. The plastic side covers and the scratched fairing were removed and after a few minor cosmetic repairs, the bike passed roadworthy at the first attempt in May 2017 and ownership was changed into my name.

While riding the bike for about 3,000km, various parts were replaced or upgraded as my budget allowed.

SK Racing:
An imported stainless steel slip-on muffler was installed, together with K&N-style pod air filters and 145 main jets.

Performance improved only slightly, and the engine still had some hesitation round 7000 RPM, accompanied by excessive vibration. I stripped the carbs again and this time also opened up the top covers and saw that one diaphragm had been pinched by the cover. The diaphragm didn't seem to be damaged and I assembled the carbs again. Performance improved dramatically and the 7000 RPM hesitation as well as the vibration had gone away. The prognosis is that one cylinder wasn't working optimally due to the pinched diaphragm.

SK Racing:
The front fairing was removed and I designed 3mm stainless steel brackets and had them laser cut to mount the LED headlight (also imported from China) directly to the triple tree. So too the front LED turn indicators, although I’m considering removing the latter and installing handlebar-end indicators which will hopefully also negate the need for rear indicators.

SK Racing:
This is what the bike looked like for more than a year. I taped up the red and silver on the tank to get an idea of what a plain color would look like and the idea of the “nude look” grew on me as time went by.


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