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1982 Suzuki GS450 Ignition timing system

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Hey guys, this is my first post on here and I got a question for my project bike!

Recently bought a cheap GS450 and i'm currently in the process of getting it to run. I made some progress and was able to make it idle pretty good, but I was having some issue with revs sometimes and decided to take a look at the ignition timing system. I was ready to see some rusty points but saw something else.

It's a breakerless ignition system, on a 1982 bike... First time i've seen that! Cleaned some light rust on the center magnet and turned the motor by hand a bit to see if everything was smooth. Cleaned everthing else and changed the gasket, done deal.

But sadly, when I tried to start the bike again, it seemed to start, but died quickly. Gave it some choke, started even better but died really quick again. Despair starts to kick in, try to give some gas, nothing.

Mhmmm what is going on... Decided to stop trying and do some research to find pretty much nothing on those systems, found a PDF showing you how to find TDC but that is pretty much it.

So now i'm wondering what could i've done to timing by rubbing of so surface rust and turning the motor by hand (with a 19 mm socket). Do you guys know if you need to put the crank on a specific position before trying to start the bike again or there is no such settings for a breakerless system?

Thanks!  :angel:

The Buddha:
You got the classic GS500 ignition advancer and TCI ? You may have made a bad conenction somewhere in the ignition circuit, or just have clogged carbs or got some crap in the fuel.

I guess i'll take the cover back off and test for spark, will try to post a picture for people to see what it looks like.


Rookie mistake, was out of gas  :icon_razz:

Might restart this post because it seem's I still got an issue with the ignition.

I took the bike out since my last post for a couple of test ride and the bike is bogging bad at higher RPM. It feels like the bike just stops and it won't rev over 7k un first gear. Took the bike back ans rev it on the centre stand and I was able to rev it all the way to 10k no problem.

Then I took it out for another ride to test the other gears and see how the bike would act. Seem's like every gear I go up, it bogs sooner in the RPM range, so in 2nd gear it bogs at 6k, 3rd 5k and on 6th, I can't go faster than 60km/h because it bogs around 4k.

I don't think it's clutch related because it should free rev after it starts slipping. For the carbs I think it's pretty good, cleaned it, check the float height it's good, bench synced them and changed the jets because I have pods. The only part i'm not too sure about is the diaphragm, I tried the put your tumb over the air intake and I can feel a good resistance when moving the slide, but it bas some split on the edge of the rubber.

Nevers tested the coils but i'm thinking they should be fine because the bike can free rev. I don't know what to check next to make some progress on the bike.


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