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FAQ: How to use this forum.
« on: October 12, 2004, 07:31:18 PM »
Moderators & Administrators:

We are the ONLY people allowed to post on this forum. This is a read only forum for the rest of users. This how we are going to do this.

Post a new thread for each topic (eg: Battery). Put relevant info into this thread regards to battery. Put links to threads that have relevant info. Anything that is "off hand info" can be put straight in, so users do not have to search around to find the answers. Post replies for added information of links. Off hand info goes in the first post.

I think this will help us tremendously and cut down the load on answering repeat questions.

General Users:

Find the info based on the category of information you are looking at. Go fix your problem. If you need more help there is General Discussion out there to help you.

TIP: Use the Search within FAQ to find the documents related to your topic, or you can always just browse through the pages to find your document.
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